(Better get your tissue)


What do you think?
That it’s munchausen by proxy?
Or that because she’s my daughter
I’m forcing her to be like me?
Maybe you just believe
That mental illness isn’t real.
That we can all control our emotions,
And are all in control of how we feel?
Either way, it’s bullshit.
You’re so far up in the night.
Just be thankful that this battle
Isn’t one you have to fight.
Because for our family, it’s war.
For our family, it’s hell.
You may think my daughter’s a crybaby,
But in reality, she’s just not well.
You weren’t there
When she sobbed into my arms
Telling me she wishes she were dead
And wants to do herself harm.
You weren’t there
When she put duct tape over her face
Hoping she would suffocate…
That’s a memory I can’t escape.
You weren’t there
When I had to take her to the E.R.
Because she was yelling she was going to kill herself,
And that’s still not the worst, by far.
You weren’t there
When I had to walk away,
And leave her at the hospital,
Because she was unstable and had to stay.
You weren’t there,
Just the other night,
When she told me “take one step further”
While she was holding onto a knife.
You weren’t there,
Haven’t seen this little 9 year olds life
Fall apart piece by piece,
Though she’s far too tired to fight.

You weren’t there.


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