I may smile and laugh,
But don’t be confused.
You are not forgiven
And I am not amused.
It’s called being polite,
Though you make call it fake.
And here’s another lesson
That you might want to take:
Don’t judge others battles
That you haven’t had to fight.
And keep your opinion to yourself;
That’s also being polite.
Just because you think you’re perfect
Don’t judge me for showing my flaws.
They are what makes me human.
But they’re also what gives me claws.


If you like what you’ve read, check out more of my blog, and support my writing by buying my book here. It’s called Pages of My Diary, and it’s not just a poetry book, it’s a complete story of the ups and downs of life. It includes over 50 of my poem, and I’ve arranged them to flow from one poem to the next, and chapter to chapter, to also tell an overall story. Each chapter covers a broad range of subjects, from addiction, to love, to mental illness and more. Thanks for all your love and support!


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